Online Meeting Guidelines


These Online Meeting Guidelines are an abridgement and amendment of the General Meeting Guidelines, which are also abridged and amended from the Standing Orders, taken from the Labour Party Rule Book.

Guidelines for online meetings (social media) activities:

Online meetings include any digital/online activity between two or more members, ranging from; text messaging/phone calls; email, social media such as Facebook, Yammer, Twitter etc. and real-time events such as Skype and Livestream.

Online meetings should be conducted in the same friendly and orderly manner as General Meetings, with the goal to maximise participation from all members.

Where official online meeting spaces have been created and provided for the purpose of official WHLP business, such as Facebook and Yammer, the administration and moderation of these meetings will be performed and upheld by the WHLP Executive.

Official groups will be run as closed groups, meaning that all members present must be fully paid up individual members of the Labour Party. This will hopefully provide a safe space for local members to get to know each other and discuss local and national issues, relevant to Labour Party business.

No member shall be precluded from attendance because they cannot gain access to the meeting place for any reason. Harassment or intimidation of any member is unacceptable as is any form of discrimination on the basis of gender, age, sexual orientation and gender identity, disability or race.

Any member acting in an unruly or disruptive manner, in contravention of the standing orders, may be asked to leave the online meeting space.

It is the sincere wishes of the WHLP Executive that these online meeting spaces be self-governing, with community members respecting personal boundaries by asking for inappropriate behaviour to be self-moderated. If a member feels as if they are being targeted or disrespected, then please bring the issue to the attention of the WHLP Executive, who can be contacted via the WHLP website ( and via email: officers (at) WHLP (dot) org (.) uk

Any member who feels that they have been unfairly treated by the WHLP Executive has the right to an appeal at the next General Meeting. A written motion must be submitted to the WHLP Secretary 2 weeks prior to the General Meeting.

A ‘three strikes and you’re out’ policy will be enforced on repeat violations of these guidelines and in extreme circumstance, members may be subject to official Labour Party disciplinary procedures.

A PDF copy is available here: whlp-online-meeting-guidelines

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