HyperNormalisation – When has a Hotel ever been free?

Hi, I’m Dan,

I’ll keep this as brief as I can, but a friend of mine asked for my help on Wednesday (28/12/16) evening to take him to his local A&E in Roehampton.

We arrived at Roehampton Clinic at about 18:45 and were promptly told to go to Kingston General A&E.

– We ‘checked in‘ at about 19:05 and we ‘checked out‘ about 8 hours later, at just gone 03:15 in the morning.

It wasn’t the 8+ hours of waiting around that is my main concern, I expected that. No, I have two additional concerns which I would like to share with you here.

Firstly, when my friends was finally admitted for treatment, the brand spanking new ward that he was taken to, just next to A&E, had NO HEATING SYSTEM. Seriously, a brand new section to Kingston Hospital and the contractors apparently ‘forgot’ to install central heating?!?

I can only assume that this is how they won the bid in the first place, by leaving out vital building service components to get the price down to rock bottom or to maximise their profits.

When I was finally called to join my friend on the ward, he was in bed under a thin blanket and had a small, portable heater next to his bed. I had to put his coat over his torso in order to try and keep him warn, whilst they re-hydrated him with 2 litres of fluids.

How is this even possible? How can a building contract be so mismanaged as to ‘forget’ to install central heating?

To compound the issue, the NHS is now unable to get the building contractor to perform any snagging, let alone retrofit the facilities, because they put themselves into ‘voluntary liquidation’ after completion, according to one of the nurses on duty.

mms_20161229_183304My second point is the language that was used in the toilet facilities within A&E and, so I’m told, around other areas of the hospital.

My concern is in relation to the use of the word ‘HOTEL‘, when being instructed to contact a help desk, if you are unsatisfied with the current state of the facilities.

This may be a minute detail, but I believe this is a deliberate use of wording to HyperNormalise visitors to the fact that the NHS is well on the way to becoming a fully privatised organisation.

I mean, why not simply just say ‘Building Services’ or ‘Facilities’ as is done in most office blocks? To my mind, this subtle indication that the hospital is a ‘HOTEL’ implies, by association, that there is a cost involved, because to my knowledge and experience, you always have to pay to stay at a hotel.

Is this a simple misuse of language or are there deeper motives at work here? Leave your comments to let us know what you think and share this official Labour Party video with your friends…

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