A Load of Rubbish

by Jackie Andrews

Just after we did our first Pop Up outside the Terrace Road Co-op a few weeks ago, I bumped into a neighbour.  She was interested in what fellow residents of ‘Walton Village’ had to say about what they liked about the area and what they didn’t.

When I mentioned litter was a problem, she said “Well, it’s always been the same.  Traffic problems, lack of things for older children to do”.  Again, a shrug of the shoulders; “It’s always been a problem”.

So, what?  Her apparent apathy puzzled me, but eventually I thought well, we’re all different aren’t we, what makes one person angry and passionate, leaves others unmoved.  My neighbour is a caring person who has a very caring job as a nurse.  Perhaps she has a different set of priorities, maybe the right ones?

In the great scheme of things when measured against matters of life and death and the tough times in between, a bit of litter means nothing.  I understand that, so why did it make me angry when I passed the overflowing litter bin outside the Co-op yesterday, bottles and cans all over the pavement?

I suppose because it’s a relatively small thing,  that could easily be sorted if we care enough, if our Council cared enough, along with protecting our bus services and updating run-down play areas.

There are bigger issues, like better elderly care, improved mental health support, affordable housing, refugee care, the list is endless. Of course there are lots of members of our community who do care, they help at a food bank, visit the elderly, offer support to the disadvantaged, serve meals to those who can’t afford it and generally volunteer to help make lives a bit better.

But there are more difficult issues which should be tackled head on, from the top, if only our Government cared enough. If only we cared enough. Do you care?

What makes YOU angry? Let us know.


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